Takeover Tuesday: Emeraude Toubia

Emeraude Takeover

Shadowhunters Take Over Tuesday’s are back!

To start off the Take Over Tuesdays during the hiatus between Shadowhunters season 2 and season 3 we had Emeraude Toubia, who plays the ever lovely Isabelle Lightwood.

During the take over with Emeraude we were given some behind the scenes pictures. The pictures ranged from a look as to how they go from Emeraude’s shorter hair to Izzy’s flowing locks, all the way to behind the scene pics of Izzy’s outfit  the day. During her take over, Emeraude did a Facebook Live where she answered fan questions and gave us some information related to Season 3 and NYCC.

Things we learned during the Takeover

  1. Emeraude and Kat were in downtown Toronto filming some scenes together.
  2. There are new characters coming into play during season 3. Emeraude says that the fans are going to be excited over the announcements when the time comes.
  3. The burning question for many fans right now is about Sizzy, and coming from her her, Sizzy is giving a  friendship vibe right now.
  4. Emeraude said that she loves playing Izzy, that Isabelle Lightwood makes her a better person. She’s very happy to be back for season 3.
  5. Izzy feels stronger this season and she has finally found who she is.
  6. Izzy & Magnus and Izzy & Jace have some cool scenes together.
  7. The majority of the cast are going to celebrate Halloween together as a group.
  8. She explained that to put her runes on it usually takes about 10 minutes, depending on how many she has to wear, and it only takes about 5 minutes to take them off. Rune removal is super easy and simple, she just uses tape and they come right off.
  9. We will see much more Malec in season 3. “Malec, Malec, Malec everywhere” she exclaimed when asked about the fan favorite couple.
  10. We also had a small insight that there is a new actor and character on set and they were filming their first scene on Tuesday.
  11. There are also some Izzy and Raphael scenes coming to us during season 3.
  12. Emeraude had filmed a very emotional and difficult scene the night before.

How Izzy gets her hair done.


Hair transformation from short to long 😜#EmeraudeTakeover – @EmeraudeToubia

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