S1 E07: Shadowhunters Feels Like Coming Home, Finally

This episode of Shadowhunters might have been the most fun in the season yet. It is always a delight to watch the actors finally comfortable in their character’s skin. This is when it happens to this cast. Everyone is bringing their A-game, which means a much better hour of entertainment.

But it is not just the acting that helps. The episode’s storyline line was fun as we saw the characters put their minds together to win over an obstacle. There was a good balance with the action and funny scenes, and Simon’s personal thriller storyline. And to Alberto Rosende’s credit, he carries his heavier arc flawlessly.

Major Arcana

Having figured out where her mother hid the Mortal Cup, Clary reveals the location to Magnus and Jace. Jocelyn had the ability to transform objects into drawings. She did exactly that with the Cup, passing it as a card in a tarot deck she drew years ago. The same tarot deck that Luke retrieved from the Fray apartment.

That means the Mortal Cup is sitting in the precinct, among Luke’s things. In the morning, Jace, Clary, and Luke go recover it. The Shadowhunters wait outside as Luke tries to sneak out the tarot cards from his desk.

However, Luke is caught as a suspect in the very case he was investigating. The mundane police are still looking for the demonic killer that was draining mundanes from the first episode and they think it’s Luke. To be fair, Luke has been acting rather oddly and, thanks to Jace, the Mundane police found his car near a crime scene. Mundanes may be oblivious of the Shadow World, but the police department is usually good at linking dots.

That means Jace and Clary have to act. They infiltrate the precinct using an invisibility rune, but Luke alerts them to Valentine’s spies and other Downworlders. Instead of being discreet, then, Clary goes for full out theatrics. She manages to get Captain Vargas to tell her where Luke’s things were being held, but not before taking the opportunity to slap Jace in the face.

Are you… Posing?

They enlist Alec and Izzy to help. The Lightwood siblings arrive and Izzy doesn’t waste any opportunity to bring up Magnus. Not when she learns Alec spent the night in the High Warlock’s apartment. He may claim nothing happened, but it sure won’t stay like that as far as Izzy is concerned.

Despite the teasing, Alec and Izzy prove to be a force to be reckoned with. Uncomfortable or not, Alec steals away a key so Izzy can walk into the precinct and cut the power. With no lights or cameras, it is easy for Jace and Clary to sneak into the evidence room and find the tarot cards. Unfortunately, Clary’s dimensional powers don’t work. They have the card but she is unable to get the Cup from it.

Worse still, demons surround the precinct. Alec stays behind to hold the demons off as the other get back to the Institute. In their escape, Jace, Izzy, and Clary get separated from each other. Alone and untrained, Clary finds herself being chased by a shax demon. In a moment of desperation, she reaches for the Cup again. This time, her strange power work and she pulls the Mortal Cup out of the drawing. It would seem emotions trigger Clary’s abilities.

In possession of the Mortal Cup, Clary can control demons. She sends the shax demons away and that gives her confidence when a shape-shifter demon shows up wearing Jace’s face. After spending the whole day under Jace’s tutelage, Clary is able to spot the farce. She kills the demon and, I’m glad to report, this one feels totally earned. In fact, Clary’s entire arc in the episode is very well-written and it makes her a worthy lead-character to follow.

Talking about worthy lead-characters, Clary is found by Luke and Alec in the tunnels. Luke is still a suspect of the demonic murders. However, since the demons killed Vargas while Luke was in detention, he’s cleared to walk. As the Alpha, he had his pack secure the area. Alec and Clary take their chance to escape and get back to the Institute.

There, they found a frantic Jace barking orders to find Clary. He tries to pass his clear worry as purely professional, but Clary sees right through him. She kisses Jace, who promptly kisses her back. It is a sweet scene, but not for Alec, who walks away.

A pity Simon when he finds out.

Though, that is the last of his problems. Things are definitely not looking good for him. Or rather, they start out quite good when Simon wakes up next to Maureen. His band partner has been long in love with him and she wants to know when will Simon ask her to be her girlfriend. Too bad Simon sees Clary in her place. That pretty much ruin things.


Simon then goes to the Java Jones to think things through. Is he becoming a vampire or not? He gets back home, where his mother and sister confront him. Maureen called Rebbeca, worried that Simon might be on drugs. The Lewis women try to talk to Simon but his mood swings strike again. Simon breaks his own table and then his mirror when he starts to see Camille in his room. She keeps telling him to come to her.

And, unfortunately, Simon does. He arrives at the Hotel DuMort, where Camille had been expecting him. Simon asks her if he’s turning into a vampire, but she laughs it off. He’s just experiencing the effects of vampire blood in his system. They wear off after a couple of days.

Only, Simon doesn’t have a couple of days because Camille attacks him in cold blood.

Personal Notes

  • The scene with Jace and Clary at the precinct was the best I’ve got from them by a long shot. Not only the actors seemed to be having a blast, the characters were on point. If these are the Jace and Clary we’re going to have from now on, I am absolutely on board.
  • “Would dying let me out of this conversation?” is a relatable feeling in the context of a family intervention.
  • The most unrealistic thing in Shadowhunters is the reaction of the guard Alec hits on. Zero people on the planet would tell off Matthew Daddario. Zero.
  • Clary and Alec seemed to be getting along better in this episode. True, they were still arguing at inappropriate times, but Alec is starting to see some value in her. I really hope Clary kissing Jace doesn’t ruin it. I cannot stomach Alec really having a crush on his brother.
  • Maureen deserves better than Simon.

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