S01 E13: The Grand Finale

Shadowhunters has two villains for its season finale. Three, if we count Jace’s inner demons. As Valentine gets the Mortal Cup, Camille makes the heroes dance to her tune. One is way more entertaining than the other, though. Even if she isn’t half as evil as Valentine, Camille is twice more interesting.

But then again, evil world-conquers usually make up for their lack of complexity with grandeur. Valentine certainly hits the mark. The final episode of Shadowhunters shows exactly what happens when prejudice meets genius.

Morning Star

Once Hodge arrives with the Mortal Cup, Valentine loses no time in putting it to use. He immediately makes a line of mundanes drink from it, so he can create his own particular Shadowhunter army. Hodge is hopeful to be welcome back into the Circle but Valentine is too smart to accept him. He knows Hodge will betray him if the Clave offers Hodge a better deal. Hodge is on his own.

Too bad for him. Back at the Institute, Alec and Magnus find an unconscious Lydia. As Magnus heals her, Jace, Izzy, Alec, and Clary go through the Institute’s footage to understand why Lydia was whispering Hodge’s name. They watch as Hodge attacks Lydia and then use a ring to communicate with Valentine. They also figure out how Hodge got the ring. Valentine sent it to him through the forsaken that attacked the Institute.

With all the facts they need, the Shadowhunters divide into teams. The Parabatais go after Hodge, with the help of Luke’s wolves to track him down. Jace is able to find him before the others do and they fight. Hodge claims he was a prisoner of the Lightwoods and his betrayal was really an escape. According to him, Maryse and Robert were pardoned because they offered Hodge as their prisoner. But Jace is barely listening. He cuts Hodge’s hand off and is about to execute the weapons’ master when Alec stops him.

Chill, bro. Enough with the Star Wars moves.

As Alec and Luke discuss what to do and tend to Hodge’s wounds, Jace uses the ring to communicate with Valentine. He has taken upon himself to kill the man. This way, he proves he is not like Valentine.

Haunted by this desire, Jace flees from Alec and Luke, taking Hodge with him. Jace even pretends to consider Valentine’s offer to join him. He talks to his father, trying to lure him into revealing his position. However, Valentine only tells Jace he should worry about his friends.

Meanwhile, the girls go to the DuMort, where they try to convince Raphael to let them talk to Camille. They receive a juicy ‘no’ as response, even as Simon joins them in their efforts. The best thing Raphael can offer is bringing out all of Camille’s possessions for them to look through. He won’t risk them setting her lose.

But Raphael’s compromise isn’t enough for them. While Izzy pretends to go through the stuff he gathers, Clary and Simon infiltrate the DuMort to find Camille. They do, but Camille is quick to cut a deal. She’ll take them to the Book of the White, in one of her apartments, if they get her out. Moreover, she wants Simon to sign a Writ of Transmutation. With that document, Camille can claim Simon asked her to be transformed, if the Clave come after her.

They are forced to accept. However, as Clary and Simon were on their way to sneak Camille out of the building, Raphael finds them. He exiles Simon from the clan and orders the vampires to kill them. Izzy arrives just then, blowing up a wall and making a shield of sunlight so they can all escape.

Camille makes them go to Magnus’s first. The High Warlock creates the document, as Camille and he discuss love and mortality. Magnus couldn’t be more uncomfortable around her, especially when Camille kisses him. She does it on purposely when Alec arrives. There’s no half-doing things with her.

The fact that they still need Camille to get the Book of the White is probably what stops Izzy from murdering her right there. They all go to her apartment, where she swears the book is. Izzy, Alec, and Magnus go secure the perimeter while Clary and Simon begin to search. But before that, Camille makes Simon sign the document, effective becoming a free vampire again. She then reveals one last little detail. Although she knows the book is in the apartment somewhere, she doesn’t know exactly where. As Dot was the one who had it, she hid it among Camille’s vast collection.

Having dropped that bomb, Camille vanishes. Clary finds the book, glamoured as a different one, quickly solving this minor plot contrivance. Unfortunately, this is when Valentine arrives. He uses a portal and overwhelms the good guys with his recently formed Shadowhunters.

Jace arrives just in time to stop Valentine from killing Simon. Realizing they are trapped, Jace cuts a deal. He goes with Valentine and, in exchange, his friends go free.

Losing Jace is a hard blow. Back at the Institute, Clary is disheartened and afraid. Yet, not all is lost. Magnus uses the Book of the White to find the spell to wake up Jocelyn. It works. As she reunites with her mother, Clary finally has some of her normal life back.


But mother and daughter are not the only ones to have a moment. Magnus and Alec have a frank conversation about Magnus’ past with Camille. He is afraid Alec might be jealous or feeling threatened. But Alec feels none of that. He is more worried about something else. Camille was right when she reminded Magnus that he is immortal. One day, Alec will die and Magnus will not. To that, Magnus says that they cannot see the future.

Maybe they can’t see the future, but we can make an educated guess. As the season finale ends with a triumphant Valentine and a reluctant Jace looking over an army of Circle members, I’ll take my chances at foreseeing what’s to come. Trouble. Lots and lots of trouble.

Personal Notes

  • There is a nice parallel between Simon propping Jace to Clary, just as Jace did for him in his transformation. Through all this mess, these two have developed respect for each other, if not the seeds of friendship.
  • These “malec almost get to go to their date” teases are cruel. Let them go out! That “checking the perimeter” was certainly not enough.
  • As worrying as it is to see Jace by Valentine’s side, this feels completely out of nowhere. Jace was a good-hearted guy until five minutes ago. He has fought tooth and nail to do the right thing from day one. Then, once he learns Valentine is his father, suddenly Jace is plagued with inner darkness. No amount of him shoving Hodge aside is going to make this inner conflict earned.
  • The good news is Shadowhunters has a second season coming. I’m excited to see where they take the story from here and how these characters develop. See you guys in January!

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