Tuesday Takeover: Alberto Rosende

Alberto Takeover

Takeover Tuesday with Alberto Rosende

Takeover Tuesdays are back and in full swing! Week two was taken over by Alberto Rosende, who plays our favorite daylighter, Simon Lewis. During his takeover, Alberto gave us some behind the scenes content of some of the shenanigans on set. From going through fake doors, to showing off a possible new form of transportation for Simon, a bicycle. As is tradition during Takeover Tuesdays, Alberto did a Facebook live where he answered fan questions and gave us some teasers of the upcoming season.

Things we learned during the Takeover

  1. We can expect a lot of growth and change from Simon Lewis during season 3
  2. There is going to be a lot of heartbreak, much scarier themes, and a lot of people are going to be tested in the upcoming season.
  3. Alberto spent time in the recording studio, there is more music from him to be expected during season 3.
  4. The fandom has not seen any bloopers, and neither has the cast!
  5. Alberto says that David Castro (Raphael Santiago) is doing amazing things during season 3 and he is excited to see how it all plays out.  
  6. There is nothing solidified yet for Alberto’s Halloween costume. Last week Emeraude told us that the cast is going to be doing a group costume, so it’s safe to say that there’s been no progress on that yet.
  7. If there ever came a point in time where there ended up being a Shadowhunters video game, Alberto would start off as his character, Simon Lewis, but after playing as him for a while, he would play as Magnus Bane, The High Warlock of Brooklyn, all the time.
  8. Alberto remained absolutely quiet and changed questions when asked about Sizzy.
  9. When not filming, Alberto likes to sleep, go to the gym, ride his One Wheel around the streets of Toronto, photograph and read!
  10. If Alberto had control over what sets we see on the show, he said he would love to see the room where Luke works out in.
  11. Throughout his time as an actor, working on Shadowhunters has changed his views on acting.
  12. Alberto thinks it would be really cool to direct an episode of Shadowhunters.
  13. During season 1 filming, the cast and crew were still trying to figure out their characters. During season 2 they were slowly but surely becoming a well working team. During season 3 filming, the Shadowhunters cast and crew is like a well oiled machine, especially now that they are aware of who their characters are, how they would react to certain situations and each other.
  14. The show will continue to stray from The Mortal Instrument books. Some parts will be the same, some will be different. The show runners are using the books as a skeleton, using the major plot points that are important to the progression of the storyline, but also adding in their own things to keep things fresh. Alberto says that no matter what, everything they have in store for season 3 is amazing.
  15. Alberto takes the fact that he is portraying a Jewish character very seriously. (While on his holiday in Greece this past summer, Alberto was mistaken for Ian Somerhalder).
  16. When given the news that he received the role as Simon Lewis from his agent, he was professional and excited over the phone, but when he hung up, he started to cry.
  17. Acting was Alberto’s childhood dream and he loves the fact that he is living that dream.

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