S2 E03: The Worst Day in Jace’s Life

The third episode of season 2 is a race against time. Still, the pacing might have been the best in the entire show. The sense of urgency is there but it doesn’t rob the scenes from their own dramatic beats. Furthermore, the episode storylines converge nicely by the end.

We also meet a new recurring character, Maia Roberts. The Downworlders are benefited from her appearance, but only half as much as the audience.

Parabatai Lost

Clary finds her way back to the Institute after getting out of the East River. She’s drenched and hurt, but alive. Before she can get to Izzy, though, Aldertree intercepts her. He promises Clary he’ll protect Jace if she can help them find him. Apparently, Valentine ditched his basis-ship once he’s kids escaped. Saying Dot wiped her memory, Clary claims she can’t remember anything. She’s dismissed.

With Alec in a coma, Izzy and Magnus are trying everything in their power to wake him up. It is Magnus’ magic that has stopped Alec from losing himself completely. However, since Alec’s state is due to part of his soul being out of his body, only Jace can save him. Unfortunately, that proves very difficult considering Jace is still wanted by the Clave, dead or alive.

Not to mention, the fact that Jace washed up on a beach with no stele and no means to communicate with anyone. He has no idea where Clary ended up. For a second, he thinks she’s on the beach with him but it’s really Gretel’s corpse. Jace’s troubles start when a mundane mistake him for the murder. That involves Detective Garroway, who mourns Gretel’s passing. Luke wants to keep the investigation out of mundane’s hands.

On the run, Jace stumbles into a bar, the Hunter’s Moon. There, the bartender recognizes him as a Shadowhunter. She’s Maia Robert, a werewolf from Luke’s pack. Maia allows Jace to use the bar’s phone, giving him a drink as well. Jace is able to contact Izzy. Together, they plan to portal Alec to Magnus’, where Jace will be able to meet them.

Of course, things don’t go as planned. First, when the Lightwood parents put in a request to transfer Alec to Idris, Aldertree rejects it. That was the excuse Izzy and Magnus were going to use to portal away. Aldertree says it’s because Alec is too weak to travel but Izzy sees right through him. The Head of the Institute is using Alec as bait to lure Jace into a trap.

A fit of rage solves the problem. Scared, worried, and fed up with nephilims, Magnus attacks Raj when he threatens to take Magnus away from Alec. With Raj unconscious, Izzy glamours him to look like Alec. Magnus then portals both his boyfriend and himself to his loft.

It only works partially. Aldertree finds out about the farce, forcing Izzy to break a deal with him. Izzy will save both Jace and Alec, by ensuring they get together. Once it’s done, she’ll deliver Jace to Aldertree.

That is in good measure, because Jace is facing a pack of wolves in his run to his brother. Once his phone call is up, Maia asks him to investigate Gretel’s kidnap. Only, Gretel’s uncle recognizes Jace as the one who kidnapped the girl in the first place. A fight breaks immediately and, if not for mundanes, Maia might have killed Jace there and then. With his sole priority being getting to Alec, Jace tries to talk to Maia. It’s no use. The wolves see him as working with Valentine.

As Maia continues to chase after him, Jocelyn saves Jace. She makes a discourse on how much they all suffered in Valentine’s hands and apologizes for her choices. However, Jace is not willing to listen. He continues to try to get to Magnus’ loft but Maia finds him. If it wasn’t for Izzy showing up just then, Jace would be no more.

Finally, after being chased after, beaten up, and accused of crimes he didn’t commit, Jace has to face his biggest obstacle yet. With Izzy, Magnus, and Clary anxiously waiting, Jace holds the Adama next to Alec. He recites the Parabatai vow. It is an emotional scene, well-acted by Dom Sherwood. Flashbacks of the actual ceremony come back and forth with reality. Finally, when all hope is lost, Alec wakes up. This is when Aldertree barges in with his man. They take Jace prisoner, to a confused Alec’s surprise.

Okay, I’m crying.

Meanwhile, Simon is dealing with a family drama of his own. His mother is on his back, leaving voice messages in complete worry. Simon tries contacting her to no avail. Worst, Raphael is back. He pushes Simon to get results in the Camille Hunt. The entire clan is after her, but only Simon has a connection to the vampire. Raphael will not have Simon distracted, not while it is putting the entire clan at risk.

Still, Simon wants to make sure his mother is all right. He goes home only to find an open bottle of vodka. Knowing his mother is a recovering alcoholic, that sends him into a panic. Simon calls Clary for help.

Together, they are able to track Elaine down to a cafe. But after Clary leaves and Simon talks to his mother, Raphael shows up. It seems the leader of the vampire clan pretended to be the manager of Simon’s band. Raphael told Elaine they had been on tour and that’s why Simon has vanished. There is a tense moment between them while Elaine remains clueless. When Simon confronts Raphael on threatening his family, Raphael shots back, saying Simon is threatening his. Camille has been murdering vampires as well.

It’s confusing as to who we should be backing here. Not because the show is unsure; it clearly wants us to be on Simon’s side. But after his treatment of the vampires and how Simon keeps screwing them over, it’s kind of a hard fight to buy. Raphael has shady methods, but he did just fix Simon’s problem for him. I don’t expect Simon to thank him for, you know, not killing Elaine. But it would be good to see Simon realize his forcing Raphael’s hand.

Personal Notes

  • The Parabatai flashbacks make me wonder. How angry little Jace was when Alec hit puberty and towered over him by almost a head?
  • Magnus said what everyone wants to say to Jocelyn. No wonder he’s the fan favorite. Besides, “the Clave can be reasoned with but the wolves can’t” is such a Circle member thing to say. Especially when Jocelyn is in love with Luke, the leader of the wolves.
  • The way Aldertree refers to Magnus as “Alec’s warlock friend” is a subtle homophobic touch. I’m glad Shadowhunters is working these microaggressions into the script. There was a reason for Alec to be so scared to come out, and that reason is the society he grew up in. Besides, that gives Magnus the opportunity to slap homophobia in the face by referencing sleeping beauty. Additionally, Magnus really is a prince charming, so perfect analogy is perfect.
  • I had no idea Raj was such an asshole. At least he gave Magnus the opportunity to show up just how powerful he is. And that were just two fingers.

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