Season 3: What Do We Know

After covering the first three books of the TMI series, Shadowhunters is ready for more. However, with the story diverging from its source material, it is hard to predict what’s coming next.

There is a suspicious lack of BTS info on Season 3, aside from the Tuesday Take Overs. Even those have people from the crew tailing down the actors, as we saw on Harry Shum Jr.’s turn. It seems that this year the policy on spoilers is much more restricted than it has been before.

Still, almost every week we have been treated to bits and pieces of information. Emeraude Toubia and Alberto Rosende have given us some insight. Alisha Wainwright did her very first takeover as a member of the main cast while Kat McNamara delivered pun after pun on Halloween. Dom Sherwood did not shy away from sharing BTS pictures either. Still, it was Isaiah Mustafa who served the fans the longest with his 50-minute facebook chat. The only takeover left is Matthew Daddario’s.

Thankfully, the fandom doesn’t have to rely solemnly on the actors for any hints. Executive Producer Todd Slavkin loves going on Twitter for some teasing tweets. Together with NYCC’s panels, Todd might be our best source to figure out how Season 3 is going down even if he might be getting in trouble for it (hopefully not!).

Todd’s Tweets

It’s no secret that Todd is all about couples. He’s happy to tease Clace (Clary and Jace) training, battling, dating, dreaming together, just as a Malec (Magnus and Alec) cooking scene, complete with a hint of Alec’s less than perfect cooking skills. That is not to say these couples will be all sunshine and flowers, but we can expect fun times such as Jace asking for dating advice to his sister and Magnus and Alec hanging out with their “niece”, Madzie.

Todd also loves Sizzy (Simon and Izzy), even hinting on a scene with them in the Hunter’s Moon. I wonder if Maia and Simon will still be together by then. Shadowhunters has just finished recording 3×08, which means it’s almost done with the first half of the 20 episode season. Then again, Todd is all about giving Sizzy that slow burn treatment, so the scene could be strictly platonic.

Last but certainly not least, Todd is excited about a new rising couple. Luke and Maryse have been hinted in previous episodes. Now, we get some confirmation of a blooming romance.

But Todd doesn’t only talk about couples. Luke is back to the NYPD, probably dealing with his nosy partner Ollie. As the Alpha takes care of that, Maia has to face some ghosts from her past. Could that be the abusive former boyfriend that turned her into a wolf?

Still on the matter of past, we will be treated with more of Magnus’! The High Warlock is set for an amazing journey, where he’ll get to be selfless and heroic, as he always is. Todd also promised to explore Magnus’ Indonesian roots, even bringing out Magnus’ demon father’s name, Asmodeus. Finally, Clary will get to show off her artistic skills while Jace struggles from coming back from death. I wonder if we’ll ever get a scene where Clary draws him. Talking about Clary, she and Luke will have scenes in 3×01. It’s good to have these two together, especially if their interaction would make Jocelyn proud as Todd implies.

New York Comic Con

Alongside Todd’s tweets, the NYCC had brought us some much-needed information about season 3. Alisha Wainwright (Maia Roberts), Isaiah Mustafa (Luke Garroway), Katherine McNamara (Clary Fray), and Matthew Daddario (Alec Lightwood) attended the Shadowhunters’ panel with Executive Producers Todd Slavkin, Darren Swimmer, and Matt Hastings.

The trailer for episodes 3×01 and 3×02 was released and you can check it out here. As it seems, the first couple of episodes will have Jace hallucinating with Sebastian/Jonathan, probably as a consequence of coming back. A new warlock, Lorenzo Rey, is in town, causing problems to Magnus and making Alec worry about his boyfriend’s well-being. Izzy and Jace are investigating a new type of demon that Clary will most certainly face. Meanwhile, Luke deals with Ollie and Simon has to worry about the Seelie Queen. On her end, Maia will be facing a tough emotional trial of her own.

The cast and producers also answered questions. The producers promise a more mature and darker season. Alisha mentioned that her favorite thing from Season 3 is that they are now able to develop and further the relationships between the characters. That is certainly a strength of the show, that continues to gives better, more well-rounded, and complex characters every new episode.

There is also talk about following the story of Book 4, City of Fallen Angels, as well as new storylines that will pick up from where Season 2B left off. Season 3 starts just a day before the events of Beside Still Water.

Clary Fray

Clary’s story will be closely linked to Jace’s. However, she will also have to make some tough choices of her own. We know Clary will have a fighting scene right in the first episode that Kat was very excited about. Clary will also have to deal with the repercussions of everything that has happened to her. From becoming a Shadowhunter, to losing her mother, to killing her father, Clary has had quite a journey. Alongside with a new weapon of choice, Clary seems to be getting a lot of scenes with Alec. Hopefully, that indicates some more hands-on shadowhunting training. Between love, family, and work, Clary has her job cut out for her but if her defiant posture in the trailer is anything to go by, she’s ready for it.

Jace Herondale

Jace’s journey will be all about the repercussions of coming back from the dead. Although, that seems to be the least of his problems. Todd confirmed that Sebastian/Jonathan has Lilith’s blood running through his veins. Therefore, she sees him as her own son. The Lady of Darkness will be coming for Jace, as he was the one to kill Sebastian/Jonathan. It seems things never get better for our favourite Herondale. At least he’ll get a nice date with Clary before everything goes to hell again. Maybe?

Alec Lightwood

As Head of the New York Institute, Alec will be recognized as a part of bringing Valentine down. We’ll get more of Alec as a political figure among the Shadowhunters, as well as the Downworlders. Talking about the later, his relationship with Magnus will also influence in Alec’s arc. As we see in the trailer, Alec will grow very worried about his boyfriend as Magnus will be dealing with his own ordeal. A talk of sacrifice revolving Malec might very well be about either Alec or Magnus, which certainly puts the entire fandom on edge.

Izzy Lightwood

First things first, Izzy is the new master of arms of the Insitute! Todd also talked about Izzy’s new appreciation of the mundanes; those A.A. meetings certainly played a good role in her now full-recovery from the Yin Fen addiction. We can expect a stronger and more grounded Izzy next year. Which is pretty good, since she’ll be the one finding out about a new type of demon. Izzy will also be opening up herself to love again but, according to Todd, it takes a special someone to make that happen. Who could that be?

Magnus Bane

It seems Magnus is in for a ride. After siding with the Seelie Queen at the end of the Season 2B, Magnus will have some competition for the title of High Warlock. The powerful Lorenzo Rey (played by Hamilton’s Javier Muñoz) is coming for him. The trailer hints at Magnus even losing his title, something Magnus has great pride and esteem for. I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to seeing Magnus Bane take back what is rightfully his. On his personal life, however, things seem to be looking brighter. Magnus and Maryse will be laughing together and there is a rumor of a warlock party. Knowing Shadowhunters, though, not even parties are safe from going downhill very, very quickly.

Luke Garroway

For starters, we know Luke is not drunk anymore, which is a bummer. However, it’s also highly important since he will be dealing with Ollie’s nosy questions. Luke and Simon will also be in a lot of scenes together and will be looking for a very important object, most likely a Mortal Instrument. In fact, Luke seems to be getting more screen time altogether! The amount of filming even delayed Isaiah’s takeover. Moreover, the show will explore Luke’s past and the transformation from Shadowhunter to werewolf. We’ve lucked out, guys. I wonder if these scenes will be a product of the newbies in Luke’s pack or his developing relationship with Maryse Lightwood. She was there during the time Luke “fell into disgrace,” so who knows. What we are certain, though, is that Cleophas is back!

Simon Lewis

Simon ended up saving the day last season but at great personal cost. He now has a deal with the Seelie Queen, who is more than a little obsessed with her new toy, a Daylighter. The trailer shows Simon being taken to the Wander Woods, exactly where Maia was taken as a prisoner. Thankfully, we know this situation will be somewhat resolved as Simon and Luke have scenes together in later episodes. I wonder if Jade Hassouné’s tweet means we’ll get some great Simon/Meliorn interaction! It seems though that Simon will be having something to do with Raphael and his sister Rosa again. Hopefully he’ll apologize this time.

Maia Roberts

Maia’s fairytale ending of Season 2B is quickly going down. Not only she’ll learn about Simon’s deal with the Seelie Queen, Jordan is coming. Todd has promises to put the show’s own spin on the story between Maia and Jordan, but we already know its abusive roots. With Shadowhunter‘s positive track in portraying abusive relationships without condoning them, I’m confident we are in for an amazing tale.


There’s a lot to expect from Season 3 of Shadowhunters! We’ll get the adaptation of City of Fallen Angels as well as more original plotlines that accommodate the other main characters. Alongside Shadowhunter politics, the show will dive into the nebulous warlock political disputes. We can expect more character interactions and their development.

The premiere of Season 3 will be on April, 3rd on Freeform and on April, 4th on Netflix International. As of today, Season 3B is officially a go. Stay tuned and tell us what are your expectations for 3A!

  1. Maryann

    Oké thanks for this all…it helps to survive the gap to S3…cose we are left with the books only….
    Please push Todd to tell more and more and more…bit by bit….just a little to make the wait wirth wile….lost of Luv…Maryann

    1. Ketz

      Hey, Maryann! Thank you for leaving a comment!

      I’m pretty sure Todd will end up revealing more bits and pieces in time. April 3rd is a long wait for all of us, fandom, cast, and producers, but we’ll survive it together!

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