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We are a team doing our best to bring the latest news and updates on Shadowhunters, cast and show. Nephilim Updates celebrates everything that Shadowhunters has to offer, from the cast, the fans, and the show itself. Our goal is to provide a safe and fun platform for the fans to engage with their favourite aspects of the show.

Shadowhunters airs on Freeform on Tuesdays at 8/7c and on International Netflix on Wednesdays. You can also watch on the Freeform app, on demand and Hulu.

Nephilim Updates Team


Co-Admin, Updates

I started Nephilim Updates with as a small twitter fan account when I saw the first casting announcement. As time progressed it turned into an update account. Before I knew it crossed 100k followers on Instagram, 35K on twitter and the show started its shooting for season 3! I was then joined by all these lovely people and now, almost two years later we have become a team. I am from India and I like drawing, reading, dancing and travelling. I read the Mortal Instruments books and loved them, as I tried to find out more about it I realised that it was getting turned into a show. I love the cast, I have seen both them and the characters grow. I have been here from the beginning. This has been a wonderful journey and I hope I can be a part of it for a long time.

Nephilim Updates Team


Co-Admin, Updates

Spanish but currently living in Japan and teaching English to kids and adults, I came across Shadowhunters while the first season was airing by total coincidence. Since then I have been around the fandom. I am a fanfiction writer in my free time and a Disney enthusiast.  


Co-Admin, Updates

I’m an enthusiastic and slightly obsessed Shadowhunters fan living in the US. Having read the books many years ago I’ve been a fan of the TV show since its inception. I joined the Nephilim Updates team in October 2017, and I’ve felt right at home ever since. In my free time I enjoy writing fanfiction, binging Netflix, cooking, reading and traveling as much as possible. I’ve had the opportunity to meet the cast and crew of Shadowhunters on several occasions and feel honored to support this amazing show they’ve all worked so hard to create.

Nephilim Updates Team



I am from England and I started watching the show because I read the books but mainly because I stumbled upon some Alec gifs in my timeline during S1. When I’m not eating, sleeping, and breathing Shadowhunters, I can be found with my nose stuck in a book, watching musicals, blogging away, drooling over makeup or at my local shopping mall!

Nephilim Updates team



I am from the US and have been a part of the Shadowhunters fandom since the beginning. I read the books when I was 14 and fell in love with the characters and the story. When I first heard of the story being made into a TV show, I was a little apprehensive about it. What I wasn’t prepared for was how much I was going to fall in love with the story in an entirely new way. The show has give life and a new perspective on the book series, it’s incredible. When I’m not busy you can catch me scrolling through twitter, editing a video or reading.



Aspiring fantasy YA writer and certificate reader, I am working on my MFA degree in Creative Writing. I was thrown into the Shadowhunters fandom after a friend forced me to read the books while Season 1 was already airing. Needless to say, once I saw Magnus Bane come to life on my screen, I was hooked.



I was first introduced to the Shadow World through the book series and heard about the show some time later. I was the first to join the team a little before Season 1 aired to tweet the episodes live with about 7,000 followers. Occasionally, I will tweet along with trends, Periscope and/or Instagram Live sessions as well. On my free time I like to read, draw, and drink coffee.



Graphic Designer